Our Services

  • Auditing & Book Keeping
  • Financial Consultancy Works
  • Company’s Liquidation
  • Public service accounting & banks for state courts
  • Banking consultancy

Auditing and book keeping

We provide auditing and book keeping services to establishments and small companies which its operations in no need to an accountant.

We a well-trained qualified team of accountants who working with Arabic or /and English language, who know more about the famous accountancy programs. We provide our clients with more than one service package to choose within which, can be suitable for their needs and reduce the financial burdens.

We can provide you with a quick and excellent service at any time, as we can help you to develop the internal control system which support your success opportunities and achieving your goals.

We audit your accounts in accordance to the modern and effective methods.

We analyze and study your financial and accountancy system to determine your needs and so carrying out the effective auditing plan or program.

Our well trained and qualified team will attend your office for carrying out auditing program for your accounts and you can contract with us to make auditing every month or quarterly or biannual or in financial year end.

We will determine your needs and will work to provide advice to choose the suitable contracting with us.


Financial consultancy works

We have our financial expertise and consultants who have knowledge and experience in arbitration and accounting services.

We have worked in many arbitration cases affectively and in suitable coast and speed.

We are certified in the field of public service accounting in embezzlement crimes and you can contract with us to deal with any financial issues and crimes as is the case of theft and defalcation movable or immovable funds or money or bank notes or warrants or shares in company or inheritance.

Financial analysis works and providing detailed report on all balance sheet terms and who suitableness of the financial statements with known standers.

Providing consultants and recommendations about documentary circle and stock system – coasts and giving opinion on internal control system.

Preparing economical feasibility study for all activities including complete view about the project, coasts, expected revenues, and market study regarding project and competitive projects.

Company’s liquidation

We are ready to provide you with services related to companies’ liquidation with all types “LLC, Free zone, sole establishment.

We can provide you with full support regarding board of director’s resolutions in this regard and auditing reports, liquidation report, etc. Which considered a part of documents requirements and necessary settlement to finish liquidation and cancellation process.

The cancellation process takes from 10 to 60 day and may be more, according to the license type to be cancelled and the legal status for the company.

We can coordinate with relevant departments to follow up all procedures until completing this process easily.

We can calculate all the companies' assets and distribute it to whom who have dues on the company " debtors"

We can be assigned by clients or state courts to liquidate companies with all legal types.

Public service accounting and banks for state courts

Our clients can rely on us in accountancy criminal crimes or appoint us to support their cases and their financial claims or/and working with their lawyers to support them technically and accountancy or to their claims whether reviewed before investigation authorities or penal or civil courts or arbitration centers and we also have a team work consist of registered expertise on state courts who can do the following:

Preparing accountancy report after appointment from the courts and competent departments.

We can prepare banking reports and submitting the same to the courts and competent departments and derecognition of compound interests and directing payments to settle interests firstly (if required).

Executing receivership or amicable supervision works.

Executing wills works.


Banking consultancy

DE recognition of compound interests from loans given to clients and directing payments to settle interests firstly.

Amicable Settlement between banks and clients.

Preparing banking reports whether from clients or from state courts.

Reviewing customers’ accounts to determine the cash flow directions and resources in executing the money laundry fighting law in UAE.